Sunday, August 26, 2012

Craft Barn Blog Candy!

As many of you know, the way I get most of my craft supplies is through winning challenges and blog candy. since we are on such a tight budget, and especially now with all of the medical bills, craft items don't typically come at the top of 'must haves'..... at least in hubby's opinion anyway! grins!

so when I come across blog candy promos, I tend to join right in the fun! I found this one today over at The Craft Barn I just had to tell y'all about. be sure to stop by and join in for your chance also! :) I would love to see one of you win - gotta share the love with my bloggy friends!


Linda w said...

Thanks for your comment on Feline, I've changed the listing as you've requested. Sorry for the confusion. Hugs lin

Kimberly said...

oh you enabler... dang - one day i will peel myself away from the computer

Rhonda Miller said...

Thanks for sharing this Jen.

I hope you're doing well.

ThePurplePlace said...

Hi Jenn,
I would LOVE for YOU to win this candy and HOPE you do!! I'm also in the middle of a major re-organizing project and will be purging a lot of stuff in my room.

I am donating quite a bit to a new teacher who has a tiny budget and is need of help! Even so, I'm sure I still have things that I'd be HAPPY to share with you.

When you feel up to it and have time, send me a little email and some ideas of what you want and need and I'll do my best to send you another "goodie" package!!

I'm so happy you are feeling well enough to be creating and have stopped by to see you new cards.

As you know I don't have a lot of online time, which is why I was not able to sign up to be part of the wonderful blog hop -- but I did buy the images and can't wait for you to have the money from the proceeds.

I'll also be sure to stop by and need to right this on my calender right my Fibro Fog doesn't allow me to forget! I hope it's a HUGE success!

Love and hugs,

Penny said...

You are such a sweet, generous person. I so hope you win this! :^)
Big hugs,