Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Prayers please for those in Texas...

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Many of y'all know that I am a Texas gal, born and bred, even though transplanted into this lovely state of Ohio I adore. Almost all of my family still lives in Texas and I am having a blast re-connecting with them through FaceBook. well my heart is so heavy this morning as I learn of the horrible wildfires that are rushing through my beloved home state.

We aren't getting much media coverage of the fires up here, so what I am learning is all coming through word of mouth. I just learned this morning that one of my cousins has lost his entire home due to the fires. A very dear friend of ours is a fireman battling these fires in the Dallas area. I am putting together a basket of cards today to send out to him for a fundraiser his station is doing.

My aunt was telling me of the destruction she has seen firsthand. it is beyond what my mind can comprehend. and some of it has been caused by arson. how very sad that people make the choice to destroy so much....

Please please pray for rain to come. please please pray for safety for those not only in the path of the fire, but the ones who risk their lives to battle it. and please please pray for those who think it fun to choose to cause damage to others. may they find another choice to make instead and peace that comes from knowing a loving God.

thank you. Jennifer


*Vicki* said...

So sorry to hear about this disaster! Will be praying and thinking of those affected. HUGS

Rhonda Miller said...

I'll be praying Jen.