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Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Great TLC Blog Hop Going On......

Coffee of the Day - Maple Vanilla

No posts for Pink Saturday today, as I didn't think I would be up to it..... but I did want to mention this fabbylicious blog hop going on over at TLC today. not only do you get to see some amazing creations, but you have the opportunity to collect 7 wonderful digis created by Paulette!!! 7!!!! all of her digis are just tops in my book, but the chance to get this many at once is just to good to pass up! so what are you waiting for? grab your cuppa and run! :)

on another note, we have survived dropping off Mick at school, but barely. Dave, Ryan, and I had a long but quiet drive back home last night. we were all teary. Ryan made the comment that as close as he has been to his brothers, he wishes he had gotten to know them even better. of course that set me off to crying even more... gosh I am weepy just typing this. But Mick and I texted until midnight last night and he was at the rock climbing wall having a blast. I know he will be successful in whatever he tries. Tyler has been gone a week and is thriving beyond all our hopes and dreams. He has met some great people already that he is hanging out with. God is so very good!

all of you enjoy your weekend! love to each of you!

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paulssandy said...

It is so hard to let them go. I have been there and it is bitter sweet. I am so glad that the Lord has given you peace and that he has already found friends to hang with. It is so nice that he feels close to his brother and desires to get to know him better. He still has plenty of time. I really think that one of a mothers wishes, to have her children to grow close.

I so agree with TLC being a fantastic source for images and sentiments. I fell in love with them just a couple of months ago and already have more than I probably will ever use! But...I NEEDED them, LOL