Friday, March 9, 2012

Chardon Proud, Chardon Strong

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One of Ryan's teachers sent me a link to her flikr acct today. I asked, and she gave me permission, to share it with all of you. My heart was just bursting with joy as I looked through this album. People from all over the world have been sending cards to Chardon High School to show their support. Student office helpers spend hours opening cards and placing them on EVERY student's locker as well as throughout the school halls. Banners line the hallways as well from schools, some many miles away.

Never ever doubt that love prevails! :)


K Clark said...

Hey Jennifer... that is so moving.. to see everyone come together for support. My heart goes out to all those in need.

Sandy S said...

Wow Jen, thanks for sharing with us...
It is wonderful all the healing with the love and support...

Hope you are healing well too...

Sandy S

Carla S. said...

Thanks for sharing that, Jennifer. I'm sure this huge outpouring of love will help with the healing. Not sure if you saw this, but Chardon High is in the running for a local Rock Your Prom event. See the details on Jessica's blog here: She has gotten lots of support from the craft community and last I checked, Chardon was in second place.
Hope you are starting to heal, too. Sending you my thoughts and prayers.

Jennifer said...

I am sure that all of this will help the school and all that are in it's walls heal. This is amazing all the kindness that has poured out!

ddazzled71 said...

Wow Jen what a tremendous outpouring of love and show of community support, it brought tears to my eyes. I am sure that knowing there are so many people out there thinking and praying for all those effected will bring some comfort during the difficult weeks, and months ahead. TFS these photos, anyone viewing them is sure to feel uplifted. I know I do. :)

Jessica Buffa said...

What a phenomenal gesture! Happy to post the giveaway to help Chardon win some votes for the Rock Your Prom. I SURE HOPE THEY WIN!!! Please let your son know that I wish I could do more!!!
Thanks for spreading the word!
I am a new follower here at your blog. I love connecting with people who are close by!

Jenn Borjeson said...

Jen, that is just beautiful. I will be sure to send a card in support of you and your children and their friends, too. xoxo

Jessica Buffa said...

Jennifer....CHARDON WON!!!!!
YAY.....I HAVE GOOSEBUMPS OF HAPPINESS ALL OVER!!!! YAY....Thanks for supporting Chardon with your votes everyone!!!! They get to rock their prom in style!!!!

Jessica Buffa said...

You and Chardon are SO VERY WELCOME. It took me a minute to fan away the tears after reading your message. I know that asking for votes was just a small piece behind their winning....the polls were full of people all over voting for Chardon. But, knowing how excited the kids are, made it all the more personal and worth while. I AM ECSTATIC THAT THEY WON!!! Please share pictures here on your blog of the prom if you can after its over!!!! I would love to share this with a lot of my blog friends that voted!!!