Saturday, March 17, 2012

One Heart, So Proud and Strong

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Isn't this the most glorious photo? it was taken yesterday of the entire student body of Chardon High School out on the football field. my heart is just bustin' buttons for all of them. Ryan is standing on the 50 yard line, at the top point where the 2 halves come together. one of his best friends is the guy wearing the white shorts; Ry is wearing black shorts.

Chardon HS has also won a Cleveland radio station contest called 'Rock Your Prom'. They will have a DJ to host prom as well as some other special lighting effects, etc. to truly make this a prom to remember. Thank you to everyone who voted.

On a much different note, my insurance company has decided to not be as co-operative as they could be with my entire cancer journey. So all dr. visits, tests, treatments, etc. from here on out have been cancelled. We just don't have the money to pay for it all ourselves and I flat out refuse to have my family get further into debt over this. it so isn't worth it.

If I truly say that I trust God with each and every step I take, then I need to actually do that. the days ahead will be no different than the ones I've already taken. He has EVERY ONE OF THEM covered. He has already planned out this path - it is up to me to trust Him. If I really do believe He walks beside me, then where is the fear? I go with a host of mighty warriors as my bodyguards! talk about a team of superheroes! :) so what do I have to fear from cancer? absolutely nothing! if it returns, then we deal with it. I can not walk in fear of the future or 'what ifs'. That is not what faith is about.

So I will continue to find joy in each & every day I have. I will continue to rejoice in the sunshine. I will continue to seek out the song of the birds every morning. I will continue to find the blessings my precious Heavenly Father has hidden in the day, just for ME! :) and I will continue to love the people He has so graceiously blessed my life with. that would be YOU!!! :)


Melissa Czapor said...

WOW!! What an amazing photo!!

Jennifer-Your walk with the Lord is so inspiring! I am continuing to pray for you!


Rhonda Miller said...

Wow, what a fantastic picture.

As long as you continue to trust in Him, you will be taken care of. He knows your path and will guide you to it. I continue to pray for your family.

Big Hugs,

Sandy S said...

AWESOME photo!

Jennifer, the strength, faith & love that you have is amazing! You will be taken care of by the most awesome-ist Father!

Sandy S

Renee B. said...

This picture is amazing Jennifer but even more amazing is your strength & courage. Your belief in a loving, kind God who will take care of you is truly inspiational! My faith has wained some in the last few years but I just have to believe when I hear your testement to God.

Gina Lindsay said...

What an amazing photo of your son's school, thanks for sharing that.

I am so sorry you are struggling with your insurance company. Keep on fighting with them, I think some companies just deny things because so many people accept the first answer as the final answer. Keep at it. Do you have any organizations there that can help?

Unknown said...

Your strength, bravery and faith blow me away! Perhaps its a Chardon thing! That photo is amazing xox

Mary J said...

Such a fab photo Jennifer - thx for sharing it!

I'm sorry to hear about the insurance company honey - it must be so frustrating for you. :(

Mary xxxx

MilkCoffee said...

We're keep praying for you Jennifer, for strenght in Almighty God to keep walking in His path. Just trust in Him because He has made everything beautiful in its time. And because you're His precious daughter, you will always in His love.


Ana Carolina Little said...

Jenn, may God keep you in His arms always!!!. I admire your strength and I wish I could have a quarter of your faith!!! Blessings and I'll keep praying!!!