Friday, January 15, 2021

A Few Journal Photos

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Hello and happy weekend! 
I apologize that I have taken so long to get a few project photos to you. I haven't been doing very well this past week. Still rough, so will only share a minimal of details on these, coming back to update later. I hope you can understand.

The first is the cover and tassel for an entertainment themed journal I made for Ryan and Elizabeth. it is filled with game, movie, and music pages & ephemera. I believe the paper is from a Carta Bella collection. the fabric is some from Etsy. the game pieces and papers are vintage. the tassel hooks onto the bow at the spine. this was the only photo I took before mailing it to them for Christmas.

The next few pictures are of the handyman themed journal I made David. I took an old Reader's Digest book and altered it. many of the pockets and tuck spots in the journal are made from pages from the actual book. the spine is Tim Holtz fabric. I found the vintage handle and number placket on Etsy. the handle is screwed into the book cover. I was so happy that my Crop-A-Dile actually punched through the cover with ease. 

this is the inside cover. I added the verse that I have on my blog. I thought that was a perfect way to begin. :) this journal is filled with so many vintage items: first day of issue postal envelopes, pages from manuals, sales flyers, postage stamps, receipts, labels, and book pages just to name a few. I love including lots of actual vintage ephemera in these journals. .the papers used in this book are from Michael's and several Authentique collections. I will try to get more photos of this one later. can't even attempt holding a camera right now. ugh.

I believe I had mentioned that I had made a garden themed journal for Mick and one with a nautical theme for Tyler and Danielle. I still had signatures, or sections, left over from each journal because they just became too full of goodness. ;) so Mick has asked for me to make him another garden journal using the remaining pieces. I am also working on a baby journal for he and Lauren. yep, they are expecting a baby girl in April! hooray!!!I knew that I had a few extra months to get that one finished, so didn't push myself with the Christmas deadline like I did on the others. 

I am very much a novice when it comes to making journals, so please be understanding. I am really having fun with them though, and look forward to getting better with each journal I make. :)

all of you take care, stay safe & healthy, and have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Project Photos Coming Soon

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Hello! I hope that everyone is doing well, staying safe and healthy. A new day, a new year, ready for blessings in abundance! New opportunities to spread love and kindness! :)

Thank you to all of you who have so sweetly left comments sent emails or cards. You are much appreciated and loved! :)

I will soon share a few photos of projects I worked on in the past year. yes, I am THAT slow! :D I have started making junk journals and love it! oh my gosh, what took me so long to try one myself? a perfect way to incorporate my shabby/vintage style with re-purposed items and a touch of sass & whimsy. ;) ha!

I made journals for each of our sons and their wives, but didn't get photos of most of them since I was racing to get them in the mail for Christmas. The journal I made for my husband for our anniversary is still a work in progress. he is so understanding! I was able to get his handyman journal finished for a Christmas gift, so at least he has one complete. (I am still adding bits and bobs to it, although I don't think he has noticed yet. grins!)

The biggest shocker to the family is that I am actually sewing in all of these journals! that is the first thing every single one of them noticed. ;)  it is no secret that my old sewing machine and I didn't always see eye to eye, pardon the pun. The repair man even commented that he had never seen a machine that gave someone such difficulties as mine. I was given an older sewing machine from someone who was cleaning house several years ago. Inspired by the many fabulous journal makers on YouTube, I decided it was time to get it out and make a fresh, new start. Lo and behold, I am having so much fun! I go through almost an entire spool of thread with each journal I make. Just goes to show you that we should never stop trying new things or exploring past ones!

My love and prayers to each of you. Stay safe and healthy!
See you soon,

*Update 01/14/21 - I apologise that I have not yet posted photos. I haven't been doing well this past week. Hopefully I can get pictures added over the weekend. Thank you for understanding.

Friday, January 1, 2021

Happy New Year 2021!

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Sending each of you wishes for a healthy, happy New Year! May you be blessed in abundance today and all year through.

with much love,