Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Long Time, No See....

Coffee/Tea of the Day - Peach Melba tea

Hello! Sorry that I have been away for so long. I had a very nasty flu bug that kept me in bed for over 3 weeks. just started feeling better this past weekend. it was a really horrible bug. still have the icky cough, but it is finally getting manageable.  the seizures are starting to get a bit better, and I will be going to a seizure specialist after the wedding.

speaking of the wedding, the big day is this weekend!!!! we are in the throes of final preparations now. yep, chaos around here!!!! family starts arriving tomorrow, in addition to Dave and I celebrating our 32nd anniversary on Thursday. lots going on!!! :) but it's all for a very fun reason. :)

needless to say, I haven't done any extra crafting to speak of. lots of stuff for the wedding, obviously, but not much to share here yet.  more than anything I am just thankful that I am beginning to feel a bit better. taking it as easy as I can so that I can be there for the wedding day. every cabin at Camp is full with the exception of just one or two, so it's going to be wonderful to have so many people around to celebrate so much love!

I'll be back in a week or two to post photos. we are pet sitting for Mick and Lauren next week as they take a vacation, so our house will be full of lots of four legged mischief! :D