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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Miracles Big and Small

Coffee of the Day - Creme Brulee

every single day is filled with miracles - sometimes big, sometimes small.

received a call from hubby this morning about 10am. he was getting ready to deliver the message at church when he had a call from Mick. Mick had been in a car accident that has evidently totalled his car. God's angels were working overtime. Mick is okay!!! his most amazing girlfriend, Jocelyn, was on her way to pick him up. I don't care about the car. my son is alright. no one is injured. 

David and I prayed on the phone, not just for Mick, but also for Dave and the message to be delivered. 

Tyler was working out at Camp cooking breakfast for the group that was there for the weekend. Ryan is at school in Indiana. I was reminded of the phone call I received almost 12 years ago when Tyler was hit by a car. our family was scattered in all different directions then, too. 

we might not always be together physically, but we come together in adversity. God knows that. He put the 5 of us in this crazy wacky thing we call a family for a specific reason. and sometimes we lose sight of it, but we are a miracle. we stick together through thick and thin, laughter and tears. we are here for each other and always will be. no matter what.


Cath said...

I am so glad that Mick is OK! Phew!

Tina said...

So glad to here your son Mick is ok.


Tammy said...

So glad to hear he is ok

Stef H said...

I am so glad Mick wasn't hurt. amazing those blessings, huh! and when you realize they are just that, it's even more awesome, isn't it!!!!!

keeping you all in my prayers.

hugs :)

Pam said...


So glad that Mick is alright! It is such a comfort to know that our Lord is looking our for us.
Hugs to you and yours!!