Sunday, August 19, 2012

I am Second

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I have had this on my heart since yesterday and wanted to share with all of you. I quite often listen to various CD's while on my computer or crafting. I love music of all kinds, so my library is pretty ecelectic, but the music that is closest to my heart is Contemporary Christian or alternative Christian music. it has always just brought me right to the feet of God, in a form of worship that doesn't compare to any other. the closest thing I find is when I am outdoors in His nature.

anyhow, one of the CD's I was listening to yesterday was "God's Not Dead" by the Newsboys. I was so excited when I heard that Michael Tait was going to be joining them several years ago as lead singer. I was a huge fan of DC Talk and saw them numerous times in concert. There are many great songs on this CD, but the one that really hit me was "I am Second," the final song. I am sharing the video here for all of you. it is not the official one from the Newsboys, but it does have the lyrics included.

I really needed that reminder that my life is all about putting myself second - ALWAYS. this is not negotiable. others, most especially God, always always always come first. if you aren't a person of faith, this is still a lesson that is crucial. we need to be humble. everyone needs to feel loved, treasured. and we can't just leave it to 'someone else' to take that responsibility. be the one to show the love.

there is a great website that goes with this message - there are some amazing, very personal videos available to watch with all kinds of messages from some pretty spectacular people.

thanks for letting me share. remember, you are truly, deeply loved! :)


Jessica S said...

Jenn, what wonderful words to read this fine Sunday afternoon! You are a doll and kindness is contagious.
Jessica S

Jennifer said...

i believe when we have a correct view of who God is - The Almighty, that it naturally makes me come in second. It is my prayer also that I put others above myself. That's one thing that God is teaching me being a mother.

Liva said...

I am a non believer, but I can truly appreciate what faith does to people - how world can be a better place if everyone believes! This was really wonderful song and one to inspire me in this morning. TFS!
Liva ❤

saturated canary said...

a beautiful reminder! thank you.