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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Happy Anniversary to my Hunny Bunny!

Coffee of the Day - Salted Caramel Pecan

I want to thank all of you who have stopped by so far on the Jen's Sunshine Blog Hop! it has truly been just flat out overwhelming the love and kindness that has been poured out upon my family & myself by all of you! Thank you for everything!

The hop will continue through Tuesday, Sept, 4, so it is going to stay at the top of my blog until then. Prizes will be announced on Friday, Sept. 7. I KNOW all of you are excited about that! :)

I am still working my way through the hop. I hope to finish leaving comments by this evening. It's pretty emotional for me. I laugh, I cry (boy, do I ever cry on some of these posts.....), and I smile so so so big at every single stop along the way! then I have emails that come in, too, and I want to answer them all. Several of you have made donations, and we appreciate every penny. I will try to thank you all individually when I get the chance, but know that your generosity has made such a difference for us.

I can't stay on the compy for long periods of time until my poor wonky head just gives out and I'm exhausted. by 7pm last night you coulda put a fork in me - I was DONE! I went straight to bed and didn't wake up until after 7:45am this morning when the dogs were ready to go outside. I probably would have kept on sleeping, but they don't take 'no, I'm still tired' as an answer! grins!

Today hubby and I celebrate 26 years of marriage. whew! Poor guy.... I sure have put him through the wringer! I think back to last year on this day when we celebrated 25 years and went out for a nice dinner. who would have ever thought of the changes we would go through from one year to the next. But he has stayed by my side, and that says so much about him. God truly blessed me the day He brought David into my life!

poor guy just shakes his head every time I tell him that he is my hunny bunny and that is what I call him on my blog..... see, he really does put up with a lot! ;)


Lisa S. said...

Oh my gosh Jen, your post today is wonderful and congrats on your anniversary. We share so much, I was married 26 yrs. in May & I'm married to a David too. Hooray for us! :-) I'm so happy that this hop is blessing you and your family. You are an inspiration to all of us and your hubby too! God is good and it's refreshing to see Him get all the glory. Your post made my day!

Rhonda Miller said...

It's so great that the hop was able to bring some sunshine into your day yesterday. You deserve it.

Happy Anniversary!!

Jenn Borjeson said...

Happy Anniversary, my friend. I had mine on the 28th! :) 19 years for me. Sending you a hug. xo

Anonymous said...

AWW!! Congrats on your 26 years!!! What a wonderful man sticking by your side!! BIG HUGS to you and so glad you're having a great time on the blog hop!! It's awesome!! HUGS

Cath said...

Happy anniversary, Jen! I'm thinking aboutcha and hoping that it's a feel-good kinda day--today of ALL days! :)

Tracy said...

LOL Happy Anniversary to you and hunny bunny. ;-) I'm so glad you enjoyed the hop and all the support and love coming your way. Soak it up sweetie! Hugs!

Renee said...

I can imagine you did cry going through the hop because I bawled my face off!!! So happy to have been part of it. Happy Anniversary to you & your hunny bunny!
Hugs, Renee

Pam said...

Happy Anniversary!! I have really enjoyed the hop so far, I just haven't made it to the end yet. :) So many lovely cards and things that I am taking my time and really having fun looking! {{Hugs}} Pam

Penny said...

Couldn't get by yesterday, so I am giving you late anniversary wishes! It is amazing what can change from one year to the next. But you have certainly found out that your hubby is such a keeper, huh? :^)
Hope you are feeling a little bit better today, Jennifer! Sending you great big hugs again,

Jennifer said...

Dear Jen, I am sure that no matter the struggles you both have been through that he still loves you just the same! Dan and I have been through many struggles to, not cancer, but it has made me realize that the love I have for him is true. I'd never trade a hard day with him for a good day without him.
Congratulations on so many years. Dan and I just celebrated 16 and we pray we will have many more to come.
God Bless!