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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Oh my stars..... what a week....

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Dropping in to give y'all an update on this crazy, sad sad week......

First off, my prayers go out to so many in my little community of Chardon. Of course the families who lost their most precious children are at the top of that list. We can not possibly know the heart-wrenching pain they feel right now. May they find some degree of peace and comfort in God's loving arms. But there has been a trickle down, almost dominoe effect to this shooting tragedy as well. I have watched students, parents, Chardon HS almuni who have been struck numb by this as well. My prayers are for all of us. May we all find comfort in each other and in the knowledge that God has not left us. His love for us still stands strong, just as we do. We will not let this one act define us, but we will instead overcome with grace and love and strength and yes, forgiveness.

The prayer services were absolutely beautiful. David has been serving as a grief counselor at the schools. He and another pastor held a luncheon at Pizza Hut on Tuesday to begin grief counseling for the students and parents. There was a wonderful turn-out and Pizza Hut ended up donating all of the food. The red ribbons and yard signs all around town are a sign of our coming together. The students who have come to Chardon from all over the Cleveland area to show their love and support let us know that school rivalry comes second to friendship. The acts of bravery by CHS teachers, police force, sheriff's dept, and others just goes to show that we might be a small village, but we are mighty in love and loyalty. I am so proud to be from Chardon! I am so proud to call this my home! :)

as for my cancer treatments - I go for surgery on Tuesday, March 6. I will be having a lumpectomy with 6 weeks of required radiation. Once my lymph nodes are examined, we will find out if chemo is necessary. We'll also discover by week's end how far the cancer has spread. I can't even begin to tell you how touched I have been by the many cards, flowers ( especially from my DTeamies!!! y'all so rock!! ), emails, phone calls, and such that have arrived. The outpouring of love is tremendous! My heart is overwhelmed by each one of you! Thank you so very very much! :) I hope to send out thank you notes at some point in time......

Right now I am just so very tired. Have a hard time moving my left arm around. You can actually see the lump above my skin now, so that is a bit freaky. At first we thought it was just due to swelling from the biopsy, but it's gotten larger rather than shrinking back down.

Will keep y'all updated as we get news. Love to EACH ONE OF YOU!!!! You are so amazing!!!! :)


Cec said...

Thanks for the update Jennifer. I will be thinking about you on the 6th and hope that no chemo will be required. I am so happy that treatment is progressing quickly and you don't have long wait times. I found out I have skin cancer on August 31st and it took until October 31st to get surgery and since they know if they got it all, I go on March 13th to a specialized clinic at a hospital in Toronto for more surgery. That is almost 7 months, which is way too long to wait and worry. The good thing is that they won't send me home until they know that they have it all out, which is comforting and means there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
Praying for all good things for you.

Renee said...

Jennifer...can you feel my hugs?((hugs))

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, I am so so sorry for your challenges you face. I am thinking of you and praying for everyone that way!! BIG HUGS AND BLESSINGS

Jennifer said...

How wonderful it is that your community is starting to heal! Such a difficult time that will I'm sure take time to stabalize!
As for you Jennifer, I am so glad to know that you know the Lord Jesus Christ and are leaning on Him through your struggles. He is the greatest strength one could ever need! I will continue to pray, get some rest! Hugs, Jennifer

Rhonda Miller said...

Thanks for the update. I have had your community in my prayers. I cannot imagine how everyone, especially those who lost their children, are going through.
I also have you and your family in my prayers. I'll be thinking of you as you go for your surgery and treatments. I'm praying you'll have good news on how far it has spread.

Tracy said...

It's wonderful to hear how your community is pulling together and that your family has a big part in the healing process.
I'll be asking for prayer for you at church tomorrow and I wish God's blessings on your surgery Tuesday. I pray God's will is that you won't have to do the chemo and the surgery will take care of it once and for all. Your in my thoughts and in Christ's loving hands. Hugs!

CreatewithTlc said...

You are in my prayers...and I have not stopped thinking about you and sending you warm thoughts.

Jenn Borjeson said...

Oh Jen, I was just coming to check on you and was glad to see an update, thank you! I've been thinking about you every single day, my friend. Sending you all my love. I'm here if there's anything at all I can do. xoxo

Suzie McFloozy said...

Dear friend how nice it is to hear from you - you have been constantly in my thoughts and prayers and yesterday I went out with the girls and we all raised our glasses and toasted you and your village x
I will be right with you on Tuesday - in spirit anyway x
((hugs)) Suzie xoxo

PeggyR said...

I wondered how you were doing especially with everything else going on out there. I hope and pray all goes well with you.

melissac said...

Jennifer - I have been thinking and praying for you!! Your words about your community were so well written!! I will say some extra prayers on the 6th!! Your faith and love for the Lord is an inspiration!!


Cindy said...

Jennifer, I haven't visited your blog for so long. I'm sorry. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.I hope everything turns out ok. Thank you for keeping evyone informed! Hugs to you!!! ~~Cindy~~

inkydoodlecrafts said...

Sending my usual huge ((hugs)) Jennifer, been thinking about you and your community loads. Good luck for tomorrow. You take it easy and get well my lovely friend.
Mel :o) xx

Karen said...

Hi Jennifer. Along the Whimsy Stamps-Elisabeth Bell mini-hop I happened to see your comment since it was the first one to Jacque. I just wanted to tell you that I immediately prayed and will continue to do so. I'm sending you so much love and light!

Hugs and blessings!

Carolina Little said...

Jen, I'm so sorry to hear what you have to go through. For what I read you strongly believe in God and that is a great comfort. I'll be praying for you and specially have you in my thoughts mom went through the same and she has been well for two years now. I will pray so that the surgery is enough and you don't have to have chemo. For a great recovery and to see you soon posting with the team again, all my love and prayers!!!.

marsha said...

Love ya Jen! Praying that God is holding you in his hands today. So sorry to hear of the tragedy at your high school, I saw it on the news but did not realize it was in your hometown.

Hugs, Prayers, and Blessings,

Stacie Gorse said...

Love you, momma!!
Thinking of you constantly now and praying for positive updates to come!!


Debbie said...

Surround by so much love and prayers,God will be at your side through it all - thinking and praying for you, your family, and community. May you find peace and fear not, the Lord is with you.


Dragonlady said...

So sorry I am late with my wishes for a positive outcome to your treatment. My thoughts are with you hun. Big hugs form across the water.

Ali x

Hippieaud (aka Audrey) said...

Jen, may God continue to pour out his blessings over you and may He work through your drs. to rid you of this horrible disease. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Many hugs my friend!!